Variable Value


I guess I am not sure of the search criteria for my question so couldn’t find something applicable. My question is as below:

I have a TN Delivery Location value: %CurrentDate% which I want to use in my flow service. i.e. CurrentDate is a variable which will be given a value in the flow service. How can I make this happen?
Using %profile/Delivery/Location% makes it look like %CurrentDate% in the flow service. I want it to look like
20060523 if the value of variable CurrentDate is that.

Can you please elaborate more on the query that you are trying to do?
You want to extract TN document delivery transmitted datetime in a flowservice?


runStringtemplatetoPipe did it for me.
Basically I am writing a custom immediate delivery service for FTP as Customer has specific filename format. I did not want to hardcode it so put location as %value Filename%. I wanted to get the value in the immediate delivery service. Using the stringtemplate service I got this done.

Another option is you can retrieve the filename from a propertyfile (key/value pair) stored in a specific location which avoids hardcode values in mapping.


Assume the pipeline has 2 variables:
1> CurrentDate with the value 20060523 and
2> fileName with value somefile.ext.

Now if you want to populate a new variable fNameWithDate which should have the value 20060523_somefile.ext,

Then set the variable fNameWithDate as %CurrentDate%_%fileName% and make sure to check the checkbox “Perform variable substitution”.