variable retry interval

We are using HTTP post to send data to customer. Incase of bad data we retry sending the data with the following rules.

max retries = 15
initial retry interval = 1 minute
max retry interval = 60 minutes

The retry interval should increase with each retry and after every retry following steps implemented.

Decrement retries left
Sleep for retry delay
Double retry delay
Is retry delay greater than max retry delay?
If Yes, set retry delay = max retry delay
Go to “Submit request”.

What is the best way of implementing this when we have all components of webMethods product?

This functionality is provided by TN apart from checking the maximum wait period. You can have a look at it. If TN is not the suitable one for you then you have to implement it with repeat step (repeat on failure) and use a wait step inside it. For each retry you can calculate the wait time based on your logic and pass it t the wait step. (But I suggest using TN functionality)


Hi Guna,

   Can you tell me how to use runtime variable in count of repeat properties. for example "C" is variable which will be validate at runtime. I used like %C%/2 in count, but its not working. Please help me regarding this.

Thank you

Use the variable name in %variablename% and make sure to check the option “Perform Variable Substitution”

Make sure what Mahesh has suggested. Please go through Develper and Built-in services guide for more details.