Value too long...


I’m trying to insert XML. The XML can be pretty big because the XML i want to insert will be created from an PHP object serialized by the WDDX function.

How is this possible to do? I tried to just serialize it normally. So that is just get a string and insert that. But then my result is:

Tamino Error 8732: Value too long (document processing started)

Any ideas?



Too bad nobody answered but i fixed it… I do have another question. Is there a way too list of view all collections using x-query or xquery?

What im trying to get to work is a function which can delete almost all collections at once…

Thanks… :?

to get all collections use
declare namespace tsd=“
for $i in collection(“ino:collection”)/tsd:collection/@name return string($i)

thank you very much…

perhaps you can also help me with the next :frowning:

Tamino Error 9155: The requested document(s) could not be locked (Locking of doctype xs:schema failed.)

when i’m using a collection from PHP… i’m using the PHP4 API. Is there a solution for this?