Value of Optimize for Infrastructure for a small IT Shop

Is Optimize for Infrastructure for monitoring and alerts valuable for a small to mid-size IT shop or would you recommend a more cost effective solution?

We are a mid-size IT shop considering purchasing a pair of webMethods Integration Servers with Brokers. We plan to use webMethods to integrate our internal disparate applications and provided B2B web services to a few business partners. Therefore, initially we anticipate a small webMethods implementation. And, since we are a mid-size organization, our webMethods implementation will remain small.
Optimize for Infrastructure is costly. Do you believe that Optimize will provide value to a small webMethods implementation or would you recommend a more cost effective solution for monitoring and alerts?
Your feedback is most appreciated


Due to cost reduction, we don’t have budget to buy Optimize for Infrastructure so I can’t comment this tool.
Anyway, in order to have a stable B2B and EAI infrastructure, I’ve developed several monitoring based on services found on DSP pages, plus some customs JAVA development for missing figures (i.e. JDBC pool usage).
Then, this monitoring generates some flat files transferred to a web server thru a web service kind of and PHP codes generates graphics about IS’s and broker health.
This monitoring covers most figures we need for IS (only internal thread pools are missing) and for Brokers. As migrating to 7.1, I’m working now on MWS and Metadatalibrary figures.

I suspect this monitoring is not as powerfull as Optimize (again, not tested) but it’s a great help to cure problems and to follows resources consuption in order to have preventing action.

Best regards.