Service usage monitoring

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Hybrid environment, iPaaS webMethods 11.0 , on premise webMethods 10.15

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What tools and processes are people using for service usage monitoring, to keep track of trends or to spot sudden drop offs?

A scenario might be that a service that usually averages X number of invocations per hour, suddenly receives none?

Or the usage of a service starts to ramp up over a particular time frame outside of expected norms?

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

You can use the webMethods Optimize for Infrastructure (OFI) products to setup monitoring on your services. You will have to create a Rule filter and then use it in a Rule to setup thresholds. We use this product extensively to monitor all our mission critical connections\Queues on UM and Services. It is a very handy tool.

Having said that, there is a separate license(from core) that you have to buy from SAG or IBM(post acquisition) to access this tool.


Sample OFI Rule:



Hi, thanks, we have used optimize in the past but would this work in the iPaaS? Also, i get the impression from speaking to Software AG that Optimize isn’t a tool with a long term future.

I am not sure if this will work in the iPaaS environment. I did not find any documentation supporting that.

I have been hearing about sunsetting Optimize products for a while now from SAG but so far there has been no official announcement yet. If they are sunsetting the product customers would expect to get an alternative product within the product suite to provide the same level of functionality.

You can look at the documentation for End-to-End Monitoring: Overview - End-to-End Monitoring
It is possible to create Alerts but I’m not sure if it can do what you want.

Also, Optimize for Infrastructure can be used for wM on-prem monitoring but as mentioned, it was deemed not a strategic product a few years ago, My understanding is that it is still supported but there are no new enhancements. Only fixes. If you look at the Readme files for each O4I release, the last release that Added any features/capabilities was version 10.5.
Since 10.5. there has been v10.7, 10.11 and 10.15. (only fixes mentioned).

By the way, I worked at Software AG for 16 years (until May 2023). I developed/maintained and taught a lot of the webMethods courses (including many on-premise products, and Integration)



Hi there,
The reason that we wont’ be replacing Optimize is simply because there are many solutions out there in the market place that replace Optimize and so we would recommend that you adopt one of these.

For instance you could replace Optimize for Infrastructure with a mixture of

  • metrics API → Prometheus → Grafana

Prometheus would allow you to create sophisticated alerting rules similar to Optimize

In regard to Optimize for process, well there are a number of different solutions now


for dedicated analysis tools, well there are 100s of them today, Datapad, Datapine, SimpleKPI, Geckoboard, Sisense etc. etc.