Validate JWT Configuration on IS

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to learn and configure JWT for authentication in IS. I have configured the JWT under security in IS web admin (Security > JWT)


I have configured Issuer and Issuer Certificate Mapping. I have configured JWT in IS but I don’t know how to test the configuration/setup.

Can I test it using some flow service? e.g. I may create my own flow service and then try to generate token in that flow service or consume an already generated token inside flow service?

Is it possible to test JWT token using flow?



Hi @mhaseeb.tariq ,
For validating an incoming JWT, you will need to ensure that the issuer claim in the JWT is the same as the issuer in the JWT mapping in the JWT settings. And the subject claim in the JWT must be a valid user in IS.
For more details, please refer the section JWT in Integration Server Administrator’s guide

From version 10.11 , there are public services in the pub.jwt folder to generate and verify JWTs without having to configure JWT settings in the Administrator UI.
For details - refer public services in pub.jwt folder



Thanks @Nagendra_Prasad

Hi @Nagendra_Prasad

I have successfully created and verified JWT token using built in services. Can you please guide how can I configure JWT token for accessing API (Flow service exposed as Rest).

The Authorization header must be set to Bearer , in the credentials being passed.


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