Utility service to find services with 'pipeline debug' type

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Is there any built in util service that finds and returns all the service names that it’s property ‘pipeline debug’ to ‘save’ / ‘restore’?

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Off the shelf there is no provided utility by SAG however you can make use of the below extended setting in your PROD environment.

Specifies whether to globally enable or disable the Pipeline Debug feature. When set to true, Integration Server checks the Pipeline Debug values for the service at run time. You can view and set the Pipeline Debug values in the Properties view in Designer. When set to false, Integration Server ignores the Pipeline Debug options set for the
service in Designer. The default is true.

Enable this property in development environments where testing and debugging is performed. In a production environment, however, disabling this property is recommended.

Important: You must restart Integration Server for the new value to take effect.

For creating your own utility you may refer the Java API reference of your webMethods version.

If you want to find these services at design time, I’d suggest you to find out how the property is saved in node.ndf and then use grep (or other tool of your choice) to find the files.

Thanks guys for the replies. For now I’ll go with grep.

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Note that, in case if you really looking at scanning through all save/restore pipeline cases, then you must search for dependants of savePipeline, restorePipeline, savePipelineToFile & restorePipelineFromFile along with pipeline setting at service property level.


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You can refer to the below mentioned link , it has the java service to get the pipeline debug property.

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The values retrieved in asData/document_date are defined in com.wm.lang.ns.AuditSettings

I use this code fragment in my getAuditInfo java service to map the value to something meaningful:

import com.wm.lang.ns.AuditSettings;

private static final MapDictionary MAP_AUDIT_SAVE_OPTIONS = new MapDictionary();
	static {
	                          "On Error");

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