I don’t have access to the mainframe right now and would appreciate the help for those that have it.

I am looking for 3 USR* modules that can do the following:

  1. For a given NATURAL module (pgm, subp, etc), to let me know if this NAT module exist on the current library or maybe any library;

  2. For a given DDM, to let me know if such exist on the library;

  3. For a given FIELD and DDM, to let me know that the FIELD exist or not on the DDM

I remember that CONSTRUCT had some nice subpgms, but this installation does not have CST.

If it is in Predict, I will consider it.


  1. USR1055 and USR4206 list objects in a library; USR1054 lists libraries.
  2. USR1056 or USR1033 can tell you if a DDM exists. If, by “on the library” you mean “it can be accessed from the library”, then you probably need a SYSSEC module to check permissions - mainframe does not store DDMs by library as the OpenSystems versions do.
  3. USR1058 (or USR1056) might work for you. Predict would probably be better. See

Thanks Douglas. I will give a try as soon as I come back to the client in early January.

Happy New Year