Using Wildcards in a label for branching


In Webmethods 6.1, we have developed an interface that polls for specific files and processes each according to the filename. However, now one of our partners (the source) is creating unwanted files and we need to narrow the search. Is there a way of using a wildcard in the label for the filename eg FIN_01?I instead of writing a step for each variation eg. FIN_011_I, FIN_012_I_, FIN_013_I_ etc? It is just the one digit…

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How did you develop your interface? Did you make a flow service from the core webmethods services? Did you use PSUtilities? Or is this a custom java service?
For a flow service, after you get the first list of file names, you can make another list by making a loop step wrapping a branch. In the branch, you can use regular expressions to pick what to keep. So:

[MAP] (SET) @StringList → outlist
[LOOP] inlist
—[appendtoStringList] inlist → outlist

This is match “+” one or more of [0-9] any number. Then you can do your regular processing on outlist. Remeber to include the trailing “/” so the SEQ eval as regex.
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Yemi Bedu

Thanks for the reply - will give it a try!