Using the activeX api in VB

I want to declare a taminoNonXml variable in VB, but I want to be able to see the methods and properties. I am only able to do this if I put the activex component on a form but what if I don’t use a form.

When I try the following which is in the documentation I get a type mismatch error.

Dim tamNonXml As TaminoNonXml

Private Sub Form_Load()
Set tamNonXml = CreateObject “TaminoNonXml.TaminoNonXmlCtrl1”)
End Sub

I know I can get past that by declaring the variable tamnonxml as an object but then I can’t see the methods and properties.

I know this is more of a nice to have than a problem but does anyone have a way of making it work?

This should be easy if you know how! :slight_smile:

All you need to do is make a reference to the OCX from your VB project. In VB6 you need to do “Project->References” and then scroll down the list to “Software AG - Tamino Non XML Interface” or “Software AG - Tamino DOM Interface” and tick the box.

It worked, I really feel silly now. I have however tried it before but couldn’t find it in the project reference section. I could only get it in the components tab and then I couldn’t use the new keyword.

I don’t know VB that well and thought that perhaps ActiveX (ocx) work differently than dll’s.

Thanks again