Using SUBCISPAGE2 containers

My interpretation of the documentation on SUBCISPAGE2 containers ( is that I should be able to load a NATPAGE within another NATPAGE. The scenarios for using this container lead me to believe you should be able to use it seamlessly without logging into a second session. While the documentation says I should be able to find an example in NJXDEMOS, I do not see any example for this type of container nor can I find anything that calls ctrlsubcispage in the Natural source in SYSEXNJX. Am I looking in the wrong place?

I have setup a NATPAGE with an embedded SUBCISPAGE2 container and I am attempting to load a NATPAGE using a format similar to that shown in the documentation:


When I click a button to set the SUBCISPAGE2 to this value, the login screen is loaded rather than the program specified in the stack. Even after logging, the stack that is passed is not executed.

Am I simply doing something incorrectly or is it not possible to load a NATPAGE within another without going through a login process? I found a post from 2010 suggesting the SUBCISPAGE2 container is not supported in NATPAGE layouts. Is this still the case? The statement “The SUBCISPAGE2 control allows you to embed Application Designer pages such as a NATPAGE into another Application Designer page.” from NJX documentation doesn’t seem to imply that there is any exception for NATPAGE layouts.



When you hit the login screen I assume it asks for the credential you haven’t passed or preset in the configuration.

While you can pass xciParameters.natuser you can’t get a password thru.

Thanks Wolfgang. I really appreciate your quick responses on this forum.

From your response, it sounds like you are suggesting that the only way to load a NATPAGE in a SUBCISPAGE2 container without the user going through a log in screen each time is to configure a session where User name and Password are already entered. If this is true, I would also assume that either all our users would log in as the same user (thereby making *USER indistinguishable and requiring another method of capture unique users on initial login) or I would need X number of session configurations for each individual user.

Do most shops have individual sessions configurations for each user? If not, and assuming I am not misunderstanding something, the scenario provided in the documentation doesn’t sound like it would be a feasible solution in the real world as it doesn’t sound safe to allow automatic logins nor realistic to require users to login again in order to reuse a NATPAGE within an existing NATPAGE.

Am I still missing something here? Thanks.

It very well may be a misunderstanding on my part. The following path appears to load just fine without a login step. I need to do more playing with it but I might be on the right track.


Actually a NATPAGE in a SUBSCISPAGE2 will create a session with the credentials
from the “parent” session, what I was trying to say is - if you hit a logon page
or not usually depends on the session definition.

Good to hear you are on the right track :wink:

Hi Todd,

regarding an example: CTRSUB-P is the Natural programm which corresponds to the ctrlsubpage.xml layout.

Regarding sharing users + password in a session, did you try the following:

Let’s say you are using a session “MySession” in both, the page which contains the subcispage and the subcispage. You don’t need to specify the user and password in the session definition. Instead use to configuration tool of NJX ( and do the following setting:
Save user credentials Yes
Share session user Yes

Please let me know if this worked for you.

Thanks + Best Regards,

I have been a little sidetracked but I was somewhat successful in using subcispage2 container with a user session configured as described. I still have a bit of work to do before proving this will accomplish our goal but I’m off in the right direction now. Thank you Christine and Wolfgang. Your help is much appreciated.