Using Query/Read Operation in Sitecore Content-Hub Connector

Steps to create query/read operation

  1. Login to Integration tenant and create a workflow.
  2. Inside the workflow drag and drop the Sitecore and Click on Add Custom Action.

  1. Choose a valid connection, provide a name for your operation and click on next.

Help - Configuring a new connection → Configuring Sitecore ContentHub Account in Integration - Forum - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

  1. Select the operation and click on next.

  1. Select Business Object/ Entity and click on next.

  1. Select required properties and relations. Click on Finish.

  2. Run the workflow.

Usage Note - One must be cautious while using query and read operations, in case of both of these operations numbers of relations selected at boDescribe wizard impacts the number of API calls made to the Sitecore. You must choose the relations only when required and avoid selection of all the relations or relations which are not required for your integration.

In case you select 2 relations for an entity for the query operation which list 25 records. There will be in total of 1(Query) + 25*2 (Each relation per record)= 51 API calls will be made to Sitecore content hub. In cases where the selection of relations are not made cautiously you might end up exceeding API calls limit set by Sitecore Content Hub.