Using Popup Panel and Popup Menus

New to caf…

Could you please anyone can tell me how to use popup panel and popup menus.

I need to get a popup message when I click ‘command button’.


Popup Panel is used to display a panel when you click something.
Drag and drop some controls(for example Text) in the popup panel, in the “for” properties choose a control(for example Button, not Command Button, command button will invoke something and refresh the page) to click.

In your situation, you don’t need Popup Menu. (13.4 KB)

Hi Xiaowei,

Thanks for your information.

BTW, I need a pop up screen where I want to have yes/no button, If I click Yes actual process should process if not it should be back to same page with no change.

Even I viewed the code. Here when we click the ‘Click’ button one text box is getting displayed. What property value set for this… I see no property value or no wiring between Button and BasicText. Can you tell me pls.


You can add any control (like yes/no Button) in the Popup Panel like other Panel.

Regarding to the connection between Popup Panel(not Text, please notice that) and click Button, choose the Popup Panel and find the “For” property, that’s it.

Hi Xiaowei Wang,

I have implemented using modal dialog panel.
Thanks for your information.


i’m new in Software AG, i’m using webMethods 8.2, and i’m having some problems using popup panel.
I have a table and i want to implement a popup that shows all the information of the table’s single row when i click on a specified cell.
For example i have a table that shows some information of employes and i want to implement a popup when i click on the employee’s name.
The employee’s name is a async. command link and on the popup’s for property is indicated the async command link’s id.
My problem is that the popup panel is displayed only for the last table’s row and not for the other rows.
Can anybody help me ?