Problem with popup-windows

I have got the problem, that some of my instant-popup-windows open twice when you work on them.
Now my question, is there a way to get the name of the active open window and the next window to open and to stop the opening of the same window again.


ApplinX 8.1.2

Only for information…

I opened a support request for this problem.

Only for information…

The bug will be fixed with the next hotfix.


I know that this topic is really old, but i am experiencing the same issue on a new version of applinx wich is :
i’d like to open only one popup.

Hi Mohammad,

Version 9.7.0 is very old, and already out of maintenance.
We can’t check for existence of bugs, especially those who were fixed, on old versions.
Usually when we fix issues for supported branches, as was reported for this issue for version 8.1.2, we fix the same for all active branches so theoretically it should have been fixed for the 9.7 branch but you might need to update to the latest fix.
I strongly suggest to update to a supported branch of ApplinX, specifically to our 10.5 release. I assume this will solve your issue.

Hi Gadi,

Thank you for quick response, we are trying to update our version to 10.5, and we have already create a new application based on 10.5 but it’s not in production yet.
for the 10.5version are there any parametre to fix or to change to have only one popup ? or does it automaticly ?

Hi Mohammad,

I’m not familiar with the specifics of your current issue, but I assume that you won’t need a parameter to open only one popup.
This was fixed and should work out-of-the box.
Please make sure that there’s no custom code added to your application that might be responsible for opening another window.

Since we can open open 2 tabs on chrome, we’re currently facing a big issue due to the Applinx popup modal feature.

Indeed, sellers usually have multiple browser tabs of our web application open, but it leads to several problems, in fact, if we want to open a popup then for each browser tab (of our web application), a popup is open (so if we have 3 tabs , 3 popups will be opened).
This behaviour is not what we want, we rather want to have only one popup that opens regardless of the number of browser tab.

We are looking for a solution to have only one popup that opens. We already know that there is a client configuration option checkHostScreenUpdate that could be disabled, but it’s not a solution we want to implement.

Please find attached screenshot of my issue.

Thank you.

Hi Boukamo,

even if I am not familiar with ApplinX I will try to sort it out bit, but I might be wrong at the end.

As each tab has its own viewing scope the popup will be opened per viewing scope not per user session shared between the tabs.
Currently I do not have an idea how to get this solved.

Luckily I did not have to deal with things like this in our CAF Applications hosted on MWS.


Hi Holger von Thomsen,

Thanks for your help, one idea is : to open the popup of the tab is in focus or active mode…

the other idea is to open detached popup for the focus or active tab, and for the tabs wich are not focus or active we want to open popup Inside main screen (Inside tab).

but i have not idea how to do that.