Using Pipeline FIlter in wmTestSuite

Hello all,

Does anyone know how to use PipelineFilter option in wmTestSuite? If yes please share it.

Shashi Kumar

Also if anyone have used Client Mock Factory then please share the details.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

could you specific what would you like to know or understand do you have the pdf from Software AG on the usage

Have you looked at the samples package WmServiceMockSamples ? That package does have examples of using the pipeline filter and the client mock factory,. Both of these are java interfaces that the user has to implement. The pipeline filter allows the user to modify the IData pipeline object programatically before it is handed to the service or after it comes back from the service.

As for the client mock factory it allows the user to create a mock pipeline in java code.

Hi, Can you please advise where can I download the WmServiceMockSamples, I have tried look for it from the full 10.1 image that I downloaded using installer but no luck. :frowning:
I have created a test suite example but it locate the WmServiceMockSamples package and services.

Hi Sarah,

please check the Download section of the TechCommunity.

Go to the top of the forums page and select "I want to" → Download.


Hi Holger, thanks for the suggestion. I have tried look for the WmServiceMockSamples package from the Download section but only the products free trials are available there and I’m not able to find any sample package. Would you have the link that I can download the package by any chance?

WmTestSuite is now part of dev ops and it has a separate license cost attached to it and *MockSamples are part of it and shipped together.

It is not available for download publicly.