Using modifyPrincipal to change the password attribute

Hello, before we have been able to use modifyprincipal to change the password but with the update to webmethods 10.3, our former script does not function as it did before.

We called modifyprincipal with the ID of the directory principal and inserting a hash map with “password” and the new password we want to change it to. The hash map would print as {password=newpass}
s.modifyPrincipal(p.getID(), passhashmap);

When we run the exact same modifyprincipal line as before, and use getattribute() to check the password attribute, it returns the same hash as the old password, and the password has not been changed. Were there any changes to modifyprincipal within the past few years that may have caused this and there is a correct way to change the password attribute using modifyprincipal? Thank you!

Im not sure from which version you’ve upgraded but dont think the API changed, at least not recently. Please check:
and few samples:

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