Using List expanded


How can I use these system commands in batch :

List Expanded
List dir
list formated

Thanks Hezi

Hi Hezi,

According to HELP (NATURAL 4.2 on z/OS), the LIST command may be used as follows:


      LIST                    object-type  object-name-range
                                object-type  object-name  options
                                object-name-range  range-options
             SEQUENTIAL object-type  object-name-range  options
             DIRECTORY  object-name-range
             EXTENDED    extended-type  object-name-range
             NOCOPT       extended-type  object-name-range
             OPTIONS      extended-type  object-name-range
             DDM            ddm-name

I think you should give more info about the environment you`re working in.
Best regards,

I am using Nat 3.1.6