At the Natural command line I may enter LIST DDM PH-SCHEDULE, press enter, get the long list, and press PF4 for the short list.

Is there a command line COMMAND like LIST that will give the short list in one step?

LIST DDM PH-SCHEDULE works in batch mode too, in a JCL member as a launched job.

That’s where I’m headed with this other.

Thank you.

We all would like “LIST VIEW view-name S” to work like “SPLIT VIEW view-name S” does in the editor, but no such luck. I know of no such Natural function. Perhaps another Community member will chime in.

I got around this issue years ago by writing a utility to produce an in-line data area from a view by reading SYSDIC-EL by FIELD-SEQ to produce the field list you want.

There is a way to do this!

L V view-name SHORT

The trick is to use the keyword SHORT instead of the abbreviation S.