LIST command in batch

I am trying to get the same columns displayed for the list command in batch as displayed when using the command online. I have tried to force the display to change by using the SORT subcommand i.e LIST * SORTED=BPSIZE DESCENDING whick works OK but the BPSIZE column is not displayed.

I have tried this under NAT426 and NAT822 and the behaviour is the same - I have referenced the manual but can’t seem to find what i am looking for. Where did i go wrong - any ideas guys ?

Well, online the BPSIZE is on the 3rd screen, i.e. you have to PF11 twice …

I think in batch mode you’ll only get the BPSIZE with a LIST DIR.

I was just hoping that some some smarts had been included in the command to at least give you back the column you are sorting by, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. Will probably resort to using a program/subprogram to deliver the results