Using JMS Broker provider 601

Hi all,

Can anyone help how to use JMS Broker provider in a more refined way? I mean that if I use request/repply mode in a JMS client (the ReplyTo field is set) then the Broker client that is created to receive the reply has a subscription to the Broker::JMS::DefaultEvent doc type. Is there a way to set the things up so that the Broker document for the reply is some other doc than the Default one?

I was also trying to look into the Broker/samples directory for these JMS programs. The HappyCars example could potentially answer my question but I cannot run it. I cannot because I don’t know where the java class com.wm.enterprise.api.jms.JndiBindJMSTopicMap from the BindSample.bat is . Also the configuration xml files have somewhat different structure from the one described in the Broker JMS User Guide 6.0 PDF file.

Is that HappyCars sample really supposed to be running with Broker JMS 6.0.1??

Any help appreciated.