Using JAAS with Integration Server

Dear All,

Looking for some help in using JAAS with webMethods Integration server.

I am referring 10.5 webMethods Integration server Admin guide , chapter 29-Customizing Authentication Using JAAS. As part of this trying to implement custom log in module (page 557 of the admin guide), as part of the sample java code need to import; which is supposed to be part of ‘sin-common.jar’ in
Software AG_directory\common\lib folder.

When i checked my installation (version 10.5) i am not able to find this jar ‘sin-common.jar’, can some one help me how to go about this jar file ?

Venkata Vidya Sagar P

Hi Sir,

How are you doing?

The jar is located under \SoftwareAG105\common\runtime\bundles\platform\eclipse\plugins\ with name “”

Hope this helps?

Mahesh, thank you , yes i found it