Using Intelligent ILA to do Request/Reply IS NOT GOOD!

I am not sure if that happens to anyone else. Here is what happens.

I am using an i-ILA in my integration. When the ILA receives a trigger document, it uses the publishRequestAndWait step to do a request/reply. In this case, a JDBC adapter receives the request and sends a reply. When the ILA receives a reply, it is supposed to make a decision based on the reply and do a number of things. If the reply IS NOT NULL, it will do what it is supposed to do. If the reply IS NULL, it will keep all the steps in between go to the end of the flow. Well. I did all this using ILA 411 and broker 5.

If I did this using broker 411 and when the ILA receives a NULL reply, it would throw a null pointer exception.

Am I the only one here who is having this problem?

I experienced a similar problem with a Publish Request and Wait from an intelligent adapter. The request was returning a Null Reply event and I was getting the java.lang.NullPointerException. I was making my request of an old 4.0 Standard Adapter. It is not an I-ILA problem, but a intelligent dev kit problem in handling this type of reply. We were able to work-around the problem by using a Custom Code step to do the comparison instead of using the branch step. We had to explicity check for null of the PublishAndWaitStep object and then take action based on that. I can give you an example ADL file if you would like. Contact me at