using input() function


I am working with Tamino 4.1.4 using welcome_4_1_4 database, collection: RealEstate doctypes:property,person

i observed some strange behavour with input() function, here it is, consider


For $p in input()
Return $p

It is giving the results of all ?Property? instances and ?person? instances.


For $p in input()
Where $p//city = ?Tillamook?
Return $p

It is giving the results satisfying the condition only from ?property? instances even though there are instances of ?person? satisfying the condition.

By Observing the Case1, Case2 It is strange to see that when we apply condition for selection it is considering only the ?property? instances. But there are some instances of Person which are satisfying the condition $p//city = ?Tillamook?, which is clear from the following Xquery result

For $p in input() /person
Where $p//city=?Tillamook?
Return $p

how’z this strange behaviour of input()???

Can anyone explain me this?


There is no change in the definition of the input() function. Unfortunately there seems to be a bug in the implementation.

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