pb distinct-value with tamino 4.4

Hello everyone,

I try to run an request, like this:

for $s in distinct-values (input()//personne/nom)

{ for $c in input()//personne
where $s = $c/nom
return $c/prenom

but, when I run it, my base is completed fall down.
So I want to know where is the problem about this request. :cry:
Please Help me ! think you


Would you please report this problem to your local Software AG Customer Support centre? They will need your schema and possibly some data so that they can reproduce the problem.
Many thanks.

Could you tell me , my request is correct?
Thank you!

Yes - I think your query is fine. Even if it was not fine, Tamino should not crash, so this must be regarded as a product problem. When you report it to Customer Support, it may help to quote Problem Reference P276046. Thanks.

thanks for your help , I’will send an mail to customer support center.