Using IBM MQ instead of universal messaging

version : 10.3 enterprise license

currently, i am reading messages from oracle database table and publishing messages locally and processing it to applications.
instead of publishing locally planning to use terracota server so that both of nodes independently pick up messages and process in a cluster mode.
now , instead of publishing message it can be published to UM. but, can i publish to IBM MQ since my organization already has IBM MQ. hence,thinking to avoid licensing of UM. pls let me know your thoughts if this works. thank you in advance.

I see that you had this question a few years ago (link).
The WebSphere MQ adapter may require an additional licence, but the documentation is here.


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Terracotta cluster is not involved with messaging. It is not Terracotta that enables 2+ nodes to process messages from a topic/durable subscriber. It is the fact that 2+ nodes connect to the messaging provider to the same topic using whatever approach the provider requires to allow multiple clients to connect to a single topic. For MQ, you may need to use it as a JMS provider to achieve a “messaging client cluster” where a message is processed by just one of the nodes and not all.

I would strongly encourage reviewing the IS clustering documentation. Over the years, many people have made assumptions about what IS clustering provides. It is good for what it does – support shared data for the nodes in the cluster (think “session vars”) and not much else. The document does a good job of describing a lot of considerations about clustering in general. But it tends to lead people to think it does more than it really does.

@Kumar_Sen what is your actual use case? Your post indicates JDBC, Terracotta, MQ, UM etc., Try not to complicate using multiple products.

From messaging perspective, if your use case is pub/sub, or point-to-point, you can continue to use existing IBM MQ product that you have, and there is absolutely no need to get into UM

MQ messaging (IBM MQ series) can be used in either ways

  • point to point messaging
  • pub / sub messaging

Create corresponding MQ topics and subscriptions (IBM Documentation)

Terracotta if you have caching use case - Local cache, distributed cache, cache related to IS cluster

You wrote, reading from oracle database table. I’ll assume this as ‘select adapter’ and not ‘jdbc notification’. Select from JDBC and publish to MQ topic if this data is required by multiple subscribers, or send to queue if this data is needed by a specific receiver.

In another post @Kumar_Sen is covering this same topic with a different focus. In that one, it is a JDBC notification.

The focus in that other thread is distributing work to all nodes whereas this thread is asking about MQ in that same context.

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