Using external jars in webMethods 61


I am using external jar openspml.jar and calling its methods in my java service . Now this openspml.jar has classes which in turn invoke methods from soap.jar. I kept both the jar files in my packages<packagename>\code\jars folder. But it is giving class Not found exception at runtime.
Can anyone please suggest where do I keep these jars so that they are loaded at runtime.
Keeping these jars in IntegartionServer\lib\jars works but is a bad idea since it needs a Server restart.
Is there any way to use include these jars in classpath without a Server restart?



AFAIK, you have to keep the jars in lib folder.


packages\YOURPACKAGE\code\jars is correct. The lib directory is for JNI stuff as far as I know (never had a need to use it).

You need to reload the package for the classloader to pick it up. As is the case if you want to use a new version. Perhaps that’s the only reason?

Other possibilities:

  • permissions on the file… can the Integration Server’s kick off user read it (in case you ftp’d it in with a different user or something)
  • naming: it is called something.jar?
  • corruption: the jar is ok (again: if FTP-ing it in, might have been in ascii mode or something)
  • typos, check your java code, due to the dodgy text fields only editor it might just be a case of a typo stuffing things up.

Nathan Lee