Using ClearCase as the versioning tool


We’ve just finished a small proof of concept project using NaturalONE. The freeware copy of Subversion we used for our versioning system was fine for the POC but as we move towards a rollout to all developers (assuming our funding proposal is approved) we need to work out a more robust solution.

The Java coders here use Rational ClearCase and it would make sense for us to piggy-back on their server if possible.

Does anyone here use ClearCase with NaturalONE and would you be prepared to share your thoughts and experiences?


Graeme Lane

Hi Graeme,

I have been away for a few months and only now read this post, is it still of any interest to you ? We actually did a (very small) proof of concept with NaturalONE and ClearCase last November/December and using ClearCase was no problem at all using the standard Eclipse plugin. I am no expert in this area so we had one of our Java people test it and it seemed to work fine out ‘of the box’.

Ronald Wijchers