NaturalOne subversion installation errors.

When I try to add subclipse I am receiving a long list of No repository found containing: org.eclipse.birt.core/osgi.bundle/2.3.1.v20080912.

It appears natrualOne has newer versions of the repositories then the latest subeclipse is looking for.

Is there a version that can be installed into Natural One?

There are different subclipse versions for different Eclipse and subversion versions.
Eclipse 3.4 (NatONE 81) and Eclipse 3.6 (NatONE 8.2).
Subversion 1.5.x requires subclipse 1.4.x
Subversion 1.6.x requires subclipse 1.6.x

A good combination is for example: NaturalONE 8.2 + subclipse 1.6.5 + subversion 1.6.1.