Using CAI XML Layout Fragments

Hi there,
we have multiple pages that have some parts in common.
I would like to factor these “common parts” out in order to have a single source (reducing maintenance and implementation costs)

Are there any possibilities out of the box?
Can we use some XML References?
I tried XInclude, it kind of worked, do you have any suggestions?

best regards,

One solution is to use Frames. We use CIS Subpages to do this.

Hi Matthias,

“custom controls” may of interest as well. With a custom control you define a composition of controls once - and re-use the control with several screens.

Example: think about an area to display/input an address. Of course you can insert the composition of LABEL/FIELD/etc…


…into every screen that deals with an address - but it is much smarter to define this composition as custom control!