Using Business Days Calendars

We have an application that would like to use the business hours calendars in fields, views, reports and in business rules that will trigger notices to be sent.

Having a view that shows all the records that are 3 business days from a field labeled Move Date (a date field that is set by a user).

Can we use the business days calendar we set up, or is this something we would have to accomplish using Java code?

Hi Dan,

We used custom java code to achieve this . We actually used a SAG consultant to write the Java.

See the screenshot to see how it looks in our environment.

We use these fields to trigger business rules, reporting and views.


Thanks Arron! I appreciate your response.

Hi Arron,

I would be interested in learning more about your experience with the Software AG consultants.

We are a relatively new customer of AgileApps. We have some hours of consultant work to be used as we develop our initial applications.

Anyway, may be a better topic off the forums.

If you like, please email me at