Using an Array as VISIBLEPROP

Is it possible to have an array as value for property “VISIBLEPROP” e.g. for a ROWAREA. Purpose is to have n ROWAREA’s on a page and switch between rowareas programmatically by means of visibility. Neccessary coding shall me as small as possible like for example:

public void doChangePage(int pageNumber) {

m_rowAreaVisible[*] = false;
m_rowAreaVisible[pageNumber] = true;



this is possible - but not as “boolean array” but a “structured array”:

Define a class like this:

public class AREAData
private boolean m_visible;
public boolean getVisible() { return m_visible; }

Then the adapter similar to:
public class XYZAdapter extends Adapter
private m_areas = new AREAData[5]; // 5 just an example…
public AREAData[] getAreas() { return m_areas; }

Now you can reference from the VISIBLEPROP in the area: areas[0].visible, areas[1].visible…

Please pay attention to not overload the page. We call these page “iceberg” pages: the user only sees 10% but the performance of the page refers to the whole 100%…