Using alter session with pubdbexecSQL service

Hi all,

I have a flow service that basically does the following:

pub.db.connect (myAlias) >>> dbConnection
pub.db.execSQL (alter session set NLS_DATE_FORMAT=‘yyyy-mon-dd’)
pub.db.execSQL (select some_date_field from myTableA)
pub.db.execSQL (select some_other_field from myTableB)
… etc (write results to csv file)

So basically I defined myAlias using an oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver. Reusing dbconnection object in the pipeline I run different queries against DB. I want that all queries return the date field in a specific format.

My problem is that execSQL always returns the date data in the same format, regardless my alter session at the beginning!

I don’t want to modify all sql in all my services…

Anyone has a solution for this / knows why alter session is not working?

Thank you