Using aapenToRecordList

I have the same problem using appendToRecordList.
Can you please explain more detailed what you mean with Step3 “1 Drop record Item”.
I’m looping over an IDoc with several segments. Some of them have the same name –> need the same mapping.
After checking the Segmentname I map the segment into a record.
This record I want to append to a recordList. And here I have the same Problem.

  1. info1 in record
  2. appentToRecordList
    3 info2 in recordList
  3. appentToRecordList
  4. recordList with two segments with info2

Input Parameter:
toList: rec_COPR
fromItem: COPR (with the informations)

Output Parameter:
toList: rec_COPR

Please explain what I have to do now.

Thanks for your help,


You can find this post also in the Tims thread (from 2003):


Did you dropped both fromItem and also the record mapping(pipelineIn) to it at that moment itself in the appendToRecordList.Is your toList showing results as expected.

What u mean by step3?