Using a JDBC Adapter with AS400

Stupid question as i am a complete newbie!

I know i can create a JDBC adapter with a JDBC Adapter Connection.

…but can i create a JDBC adapter with an AS400 Adapter Database Connection?

If so, do i just create the AS400 Adapter Database Connection through the IS console as normal, and then reference it through the ‘Connection Name’ text field in the JDBC Adapter creation?

Maybe my question should be how to add more Connection Types to a JDBC Adapter?

Thanks in advance!!

we are using the JT400 driver for our AS400 JDBC connections.

Configure your JDBC connection and use the following params:

Transaction Type: NO_TRANSACTION
serverName: Your DNS address or IP address
User and password: User and password established on your system
databaseName: blank
portNumber: blank
networkProtocol: blank
Other Properties: blank
Connection management Properties: (might need to adjust to your needs)
Enable Connection Pooling: True
Minimum Pool Size: 1
Maximum Pool Size: 10
Pool Increment Size: 1
Block Timeout: 1000
Expire Timeout: 1000
Startup Retry Count: 0
Startup Backoff Timeout: 10

Many thanks for that,

…so i take it thats using a JDBC adapter with a JDBC Adapter connection?

However, my underlying question is can you use a JDBC adapter with an AS400 Adapter connection?

If anyone can help, much appreciated.

Not sure I understood your question correctly.
JDBC is just a mechanism to connect to different data bases using APIs provided in Java. WM JDBC adapter normally supports all types of JDBC connectivity provided you have the appropriate jar for it - including AS400.

On the other hand, you can also connect to AS400 through AS400 adapter which is not a JDBC connection.

Hi snehashish, many thanks for your contribution. Yes i think i’m confused as i’m relatively new to wM.

so… when would someone want to connect to as400 using an as400 adapter? in what scenarios would you do this via Integration Server?