Users with multiples roles


How MWS deals with users that have more than one role. Until this week I only used to have user that would need only one shell / one inbox. Usually when the user logged in, it was sent to a specific inbox using a start page rule. Now I would like that the user enter to a page and select in which inbox he would like to work.

Which is the common way to solve this issue? I know that “MWS Home Page

MWS expects users to have multiple roles as well as groups. This is fully supported (as well as recursive roles and groups).

As far as skin and shell rules are concerned, they are evaluated in order so the highest priority rule that matches the current user (whatever the criteria) will ‘fire’ and that skin or shell will be used.

It sounds like what you want is a drop down that can redirect the user to different inboxes. This drop down could be a simple portlet that is placed in the shell header. Whenever a different option is selected, the user could be redirected to the Alias of the selected inbox.

For the skin and shell rules, you could have high priority skin and shell rules that will always fire if the current resource matches the skin and shell appropriate for the inbox.

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