User Process Payload Service not being called

in WM 9.5 We are receiving a EDIINT message where the payload is not edi or xml. We have configured the ‘User Process Payload Service’ in WmEDIINT config screen of is to call a flow to know how to process the payload. This worked back on 3/30/15. All of the sudden something stopped this week and now we receive in the EDIINT but it does not process correctly. No error that I can see. Any ideas? It is like it thinks it is EDI so it is calling processMessage instead.

Hi Doug,

There could be many reasons for EDIINT User Process Payload Service not getting invoked.
It could be due to config issue, content type not getting supported etc.

  • Is your payload type binary? If so, please ensure to specify the service for payload processing for converting binary data to XML and then only submit it to TN for processing.
  • Also verify if the content type is supported; if not ensure it’s changed to the one registered with EDIINT.
  • Are you using a URL alias instead of receive service? Verify that it’s correct or you can also try using receive service instead of URL alias.

Please see if this helps.
I would recommend you to contact SAG Global Support to get this resolved if not already.