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I want to know if there is a feature in Cumulocity that allows the storage of alarmtexts in multiple languages. So that the alarmtext would be shown in the user language. I would also be interested in this feature for descriptions like in the Datapointlibrary.

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Question related to a free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Are there any features like this?

Thank you!

Yes, there are two open source components you can use for translating like datapoint labels. If you do that you have to use translation keys which are unique. These keys you have to use instead of the real text at the alarm text or the datapoint label or description. Managing this translations you can use UI Component:

If you need a more technical integration. For example you have a microservice which generates your datapoint library and should also generate the translations, use additional microservice:

Alexander Pester

Thank you for your answer Alexander.
Its working good’ish. I see some strange behavior with witgets. The Data point list seems to implement the translations, while the Info gauge doesn’t. Those are the standard cumulocity widgets, don’t the implement this feature?

Hi Lucas, unfortunatly not all UI components handle text resources in the right way and get translated. Some are quite old and not yet migrated from AngularJS to Angular. Sorry, to tell you, however the UI R&D Team is working hard to migrated and maintain all standard cumulocity widgets as soon as possible. Please create an support ticket if this is urgent problem.

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