Multi Language Support for Widgets

Hi there,
we’re using Cumulocity in FrontEnd-Version1011.0.12

We’ve created a Widget and would like to add multi language support. We saw that there is an en.json delivered when calling the Website but we have no idea how to add own translations. Is there any description for the new framework? We only found an example how to handle this with Angular 1 (see here (8) Enable multi-language support - Knowledge base - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

Any advice how to accomplish that?

Thank you in advance

Hi Frank,

The thread mentioned by you is actually about translating stuff in another Software AG product and not about Cumulocity in specific.

The tutorial app (createable via: c8ycli new my-app tutorial as mentioned here: Tutorials - Cumulocity IoT Guides) covers most of the stuff regarding translation, did you already look into it?


Hi Frank,

this here is also helpful:

Regards, Christian

Hi Tristan and Christian,

thank you very much for your answers, Christians answer actually lead me to the correct solution. No idea why this was not google-able for me; it’s super straight forward. :man_shrugging: