Use the Pre-Upgrade Analyzer for more than just upgrades

Many webMethods developers and administrators are aware how useful the Integration Server Pre-Upgrade Analyzer can be for upgrade preparation. However, it’s also useful for other types of analysis. For example, if you are preparing for a cloud migration, the Custom Services Using Custom Java Services report can identify Java services which may need to be re-implemented for cloud compatibility.

Similarly, you may need to identify adapter connections and other assets which may need to be redone using cloud-based connectors. In this case, the Custom Adapter Connections, Services, Listeners and Notifications report, along with the Custom Services that Depend on a Specific Package report, can be quite useful. In fact, these reports were specifically created to support a customer migrating their SAP integrations to the cloud.

Lastly, the Custom Asset Inventory report, which is filterable by package name, can be used to get a handle on the scope of your migration. It can also be compared to the Service Usage report from the IS administration UI to identify code that is no longer being actively used. With a little creativity, I’m sure you can find other uses for the Pre-Upgrade Analyzer, as well.

Happy analyzing!