Use of #vclient


I can see a big number of #vclient on the Broker client page on MWS. They are all part of the IS-JMS Client Group.

Does anybody know what are they used for ?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

WE have the samw problem. It seems to be zombie connections that the API cannot cleanup. We solved it by using our own cleanup client and through the Broker API.

Hi - Could you explain how you resolved this issue?


Can you share more details;

IS, Broker and MWS version with fix levels?
Error message?
What is the impact?

Mahesh - I too face the same issue mentioned in the earlier post (seeing a big number of #vclient on the Broker client page on MWS. They are all part of the IS-JMS Client Group)

Please find the attached screenshot for more info

IS, MWS version is 9.8
Broker - 9.6

Just wanted to know the approach on clearing zombie connections using broker API

Currently I have no information on the broker API to clear these connections.

But "When you log out of My webMethods, all connections that it made with Broker Servers and Brokers on your behalf are closed. If you do not explicitly log out of My webMethods, your connections will remain in place until:

  1. Your browser session times out, or
  2. You restart the My webMethods Server that hosts the Broker user interface."

Please restart broker server to see if this works. Remember with this clients generation it will cause higher load on Broker.

You may also consider applying the latest Broker core fix as well.

As long as you are connected to MWS and doing Messaging related stuff, there will be a #vclient client on the broker.

When checking content of queues (queue browsing) there will be an additional queue browsing client, which gets deleted when leaving the queue by clicking “Close”-Button.

Remember that are technical neccessary #vclients which are created by IS/Optimize themself when communating with the broker. It might cause data loss if these clients are deleted while being used.

Did you have a look at the Broker Administrators Guide, if there is a chapter dealiing with the handling of these #vclient clients?

Usually there number should be quite stable.


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