Use of the Service Portal

I have a use case that is common for my users which I do not see how to support using the Service Desk/Service Portal.

We are building applications for different groups at the State of Minnesota. We often have a need for tracking interactions with our users, such as problem reports, questions on how to use the application, suggestions for improvements, etc.

These users are all platform users of the AgileApps application.

If we want these users to use the Service Portal to communicate with us about the application, it appears they need to setup a new username/password for access to the Service Portal. They cannot use their platform account that they use to access the actual AgileApps application.

Is this correct?

Hello Howard,

Yes. We can achieve the said use-case in ServiceDesk application through Service Portal channel.

Please enable the access for Case Submissions on Settings > Channels > Service Portal screen.
You can customize further for Object and the Form sharing, basically this will allow the Guest users to submit a case in the platform.

By default, the case object and Guest Form is accessible however, this can be customized.

For more information, please visit our cloud wiki page at Service Portal Settings

Please note, the Service Portal channel is available only with the ServiceDesk application.