Use of JDBC Adapter with Reverse Invoke


I am working on wM 6.1. In our setup we have a Reverse invoke server in DMZ and an internal IS. We need to configure SQL Server to an external party over internet (on VPN). My question is do we need to configure JDBC Adatper on Internal IS or on Reverse Invoke IS ? Please suggest me how to proceed.

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I would suggest that you have JDBC adapter installed on the internal IS. Good architecture should always have a plain vanilla IS installation for RI.

Though, you may very well install the JDBC adapter on RI instance. Before deciding either ways, you may want to consider how you are looking to use the JDBC adapter. For notifications or templates??

Remember, you always have to find a balance between good architecture and costs of implementation !!


Hi Saurabh,

Thank you for the response. We are using JDBC Adapter to pull and push the data into external party. If we install a JDBC adapter on internal IS, Can we redirect a jdbc call from an internal IS through a RI to the external party database ?

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Hi Srivats,
I am still not clear about your request. Please be more explicit.

R U pushing the data in external party database? if thats the case, you will need the adapter on external system? or,
R U using the JDBC adapter to pull the data from external database?

For B2B communication, I would suggest that you look into the use of canonicals which will work in all the possible scenarios. This is the most common used design pattern for B2B integration.

If cost of implementation is an issue, then only you should look at other solutions.

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Hi Saurabh,

Sorry for responding late…I was not well, so out of work.

Coming to my question, here is the scenario:

I need to pull the data from an external party’s database (SQL Server). They do not have the capability to post the data. So I cannot use TN. Only option I thought of is using JDBC Adapter (Suggest me a good alternative if I am wrong)

In the same way I need to insert the data into their database.

Typical Diagaram
SQLServer <----> | IS with JDBC Adap |-- Broker-- Internal IS – ERP

How can I install the adapter in the external partys’ system as they do not have IS?

I am using canonicals to exchange between Broker.

Please suggest me a good solution/alternative