SOA architecture


I’ve come across a scenario on data integration between two databases(Oracle & SQL)

I’ve used pub-sub model to implelment by creating adapter notification to publish data from a table A on oracle database and trigger to subscribe the document and insertsql service to insert received data to table B on SQL database(broker is there for routing documents).

The requirement is our solution should support SOA architecure. To support this, above solution is fine or is there a alternate way to implement the above mentioned scenario?

I understand webservices is one of the ways of implementing soa architecure. In this case can I do something with webservices?

If there is a way to implement the same using webservices, which one would be faster/recommended??

Any thoughts on this will be highly appreciated.


Given the numerous, conflicting and confusing definitions of “SOA Architecture” you could probably say that you meet this “requirement” already.


Is your two databases are internal to your enterprise or Internal-external systems?? Why do you want to use web services for this type of EAI integration??


For yet another point of view: Such a “data integration” with direct synchronization between DB tables would never exist, at least ideally, in an SOA environment. Rather, the two services that happen to store their data in a DB would interact at a business service level, never at a data sync level.

A “bottom-up” approach to SOA isn’t a bad approach to making some progress in becoming service-oriented. But you’ll want to be thinking in terms of business services, not in terms of how to place web services wrappers around low-level integrations.