Use cases on File manipulations in webMethods

Hello All, I am new to web methods and am currently learning about file manipulations. I would like to implement simple usecases to get hands on for these topics. Can someone guide me where i can find use cases for file manipulations on webMethods. TIA.

Hi @Srilakshmi_Kalidindi ,

File manipulation is a rather extensive topic, a few starting points to consider

This is not an exhaustive list and does not cover handling large files or dealing with specific formats such as parquet which is also supported.
if you need more information on any of these topics or if there are any other specific use cases , please respond.



Hello @Srilakshmi_Kalidindi ,

Refer to : Integration :: FlatFile Processsing for flatfile process handling.



Thank you for the reply

Hello Nagendra,

Thanks for the information. I am trying to work mostly on pub.file folder and explore the same . I am trying to implement basic CRUD operations for incoming orders from a website or any such thing. This is to practice the various built in services for basic file operations and also flat files. I also want to work on converting the files to xml format and vice versa.

I am not yet getting into FTP/STFP, first wanted to be well versed with basic i/o operations. Please guide if any samples available for the same.

If its possible you can share a basic use case for the above and i will try to implement the same and check with you. Hope you can help me with this.

The basic use cases for pub.file services would cover i/o from your file system. You can check the pub.file services documentation which includes services for creating files, deleting files etc. (the CRUD).
For data received over the network, you may want to check public services such as pub.client:http which is in the pub.client folder.
Please clarify what you mean by converting files to XML format, is the incoming data in a format such as JSON and you need to convert this to XML? There are services in the pub.json and pub.xml folders which may be of help.

A general note is that it would help to have a better understanding of service designer, since flow services are written usually in designer. Please refer section 3 of webMethods Service Designer – First steps, tutorials & How-tos for tutorials and articles.

Good luck exploring!


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