Use built-in services to Deactivating Deactivating an API in API Gateway

Hi ,
can i use built-in services to Deactivating an API in API Gateway?

Is there any specific reason to perform using built in service ?It might impact your design .

yes, try the below

curl --location --request PUT ā€˜localhost:5555/rest/apigateway/apis/1d1fa6f0-fe06-4351-99a5-e9941892b382/deactivateā€™ \

ā€“header ā€˜Accept: application/jsonā€™ \

ā€“header ā€˜Authorization: Basic QWRtaW5pc3RyYXRvcjptYW5hZ2U=ā€™

ā€˜{apigatewayIPandPort}/rest/apigateway/apis/{apiid}/deactivateā€™ \


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