Usage of OAuth 1.0 in webMethods 9.7

Hi All,

We have got a requirement wherein we would be connecting to end system for fetching data through RESTfull endpoint URL, but they are requesting us to use OAuth1.0 for authentication while connecting to their system

Through Built-In service guide I got to know there is an Inbuilt service named ‘pub.client.oauth:executeRequest’

I was facing an issue with authentication part, Could you please let me know if anyone had used this service in any of the Integration’s in the past

We are passing below parameters as inputs,

They have also provided us Signature Method & Realm values, However we are not able to pass these 2 inputs since ‘pub.client.oauth:executeRequest’ does not have these mentioned in the Input parameters

The RESPONSE DATA we are receiving is :$HttpInputStream, But are not able to further Parse /Process it

However when we pass all the values mentioned above in a third part tool such as Postman we are able to receive successful response.

Best Regards,
Sagar ks

Hi Sagar,

Did you got the solution for above issue? We have similar requirement where before connecting to a REST endpoint we have to call a OAuth vendor with Username/Password and we will get a access token in response. Using the access token we have to call REST endpoint.

Using pub.client.oauth:executeRequest i’m not able to get the solution. Is there something we need to add in Integration server(Security–>OAuth)? Let me know if you got some solution for this issue raised.

Hi Sagar and Dinesh,

I have similar problem, I have managed to get the TOKEN ID and TOKEN SECRET using Postman. But while doing API call client application expect us to provide Signature Methods and Signature in Authorization Header, were anyone of you able to generate Signature? if yes how?


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