Usage of OAuth2.0 in webmethods 9.7 version

Hi All,

We have a requirement to connect to a API which is accessible only with OAuth2.0 authentication protocol. Our current webmethods version is 9.7. Any suggestions whether this version of WM supports OAuth2.0 ??

Hi Sanagamesh,

I dont think that OAuth 2.0 is supported by wM 9.7.
You should consider upgrading to wM 9.12.

Additionally you should have a look at the IS Administrators Guide where it should be explained if OAuth 2.0 is supported or not.


Yes, Unki. Integration Server 9.7 supports OAuth 2.0. Note that you will need to acquire an access token outside of IS, then use pub.client.oauth:executeRequest.

Another option is to use the “Client Credentials” grant. A simple post is used to get a token. Do that to “login” then use the returned token in subsequent calls as a bearer token in the headers. Depending upon what your wM IS components are doing, it likely does not need to use the “Authorization Code” grant that is more complex. And no need for wM IS to have explicit support for OAuth2. Just do the login as a separate call.

If you’re really industrious, you can create a wrapper for pub.client:http and add your own support for “OAuth” authentication. Have the wrapper do the login then the “real” call using the token from the login. Caller just needs to provide a few more parameters to get the token.

Agreed. Client Credentials is the easiest way to get an access token, assuming it’s supported by the authorization server.