Usage of method getMsgText()

I’m using the JavaDOM API (taminoclient.jar) for insert, updates, queries…
To evaluate the tamino response I’m trying to use the method getMessageText() (= method of class TaminoResult).
A query to data which does not exist, should return the message “XQL Request processed, no object returned”. But if I’m using getMessage() always “null” returns. I’m sure that the query works, because the method toXmlString() returns the complete data inclusive “return value” and correct “message”.
Any idea or suggestions to this problem?

Marco Ehmke

This method only delivers a value if there is an error. A good query with no results is not an error - as far as the API is concerned. It checks in the ino:returnvalue is zeto or not

<ino:message ino:returnvalue=“0”>
ino:messagelineXQL Request processed, no object returned</ino:messageline>

The Tamino response can contain various benign messages which can’t be accessed using this messages.

You can get them from the reponse by applying the DOM method getElementsbyTagName(“ino:messageline”)
or similar