Usage of Applet tag in HTML

Hello Friends.

What i need to do is create a pie chart on the basis of data received from oracle database.

I am able to access data and display on HTML page. What i ned to do is create the PIE chart or any other chart on HTML. Any suggestions.

What i am trying to do is to use APPLET tag. Which i am doing is as follows.

In the above html page i am using piechart.class
I am do not know which directory i shoud copy this class on webmethods so that it picks up and does the job.
When i am doing it through normal browser it works as the class file is in the current directory from where i am executing html file. So i beleive the class file works.

I have tried copying in packages/packagename/code/class directory but get the error that class not found. The messge at the bottom of explorer i get is that is trying to find following file
I am actually confused at this statement.

Guys. If you think i should be doing it different way, Please let me know


Hi, Rishi.

Prabhu Palanisamy wrote an ezine article about using XSLT to format documents. His article should serve as a starting point for you.