url getting updated in .dsp file when IS is restarted


URL’s in .dsp file are appended with .com every time I restart webmethods integration server.

for example: if URL is http://server.com/add.dsp. Is getting update as http://server.com.com/add.dsp.

Appreciate your input.


Check DNS tab from your control panel.

Are you on Windows OS?

No. we are on Linux

Ok, Can you explain the issue in detail? Which is the .dsp file you are referring to?

Thanks for responding. Appreciate!

I have created .dsp file in IntegrationServer/packages/xyz/pub/abc.dsp

       <SCRIPT src="hi.js" type="text/Javascript"></SCRIPT>
    <BODY> </BODY>
      <FORM id="createid" name="CreateID"  action="http://myserver.com:5555/invoke/com.services.........." onSubmit="return validateForm()" method="POST" target="_self">

and body continues with other html tags.

So every time I restart IS the action part: http://myserver.com:5555/invoke/com.services… is appended with extra .com. For example first time restart looks like http://myserver.com.com:5555/
second time restart looks like http://myserver.com.com.com:5555/

For this reason when I restart I am deleting .com’s manually to populate this form.


Never faced this issue before, can you share your .dsp and package code sample I may re-test it in my IS.

And also as a alternate solution can you use IP address instead of myserver.com

If possible use only the hostname of the server or the ip adres + port of the server as M@he$h said

You should probably specify your form action as a relative URL as follows:

You should only use an absolute URL if you need to post the form to a different server or using a different protocol (such as switching from http to https). Otherwise you should use relative URLs because they are portable: you won’t have to change your DSP if your server name changes, or if you deploy it to a server with a different.